Virtual WOST 2020 Conference Proceedings

Our Sessions address user presentation of applications of Design Calibration, Design Optimization, Design Robustness and Reliability Analysis in virtual Prototyping in varies Industries ranging from Space engines to Microelectronics. Industrial workshops highlight the state of the art ranging using simulation based optimization for autonomous drive, optics & photonics, electric drive engines as well as digital twins.

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Session 1: Virtual Prototyping for Design Optimization

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„Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) – the glue and the driver of virtual prototyping
Johannes Will - Presented at ANSYS Simulation World June 2020

Concert Hall – future core element of SPDM systems?
Daniel Krätschmer (Robert Bosch GmbH)

Optimization of the Plastic Injection Molding Process and Component Quality using Moldex3D and optiSLang
Florian Seybold (Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG)

Efficient Bayesian Optimization for high-dimensional problems
Kevin Cremanns (PI, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences)

Optimization and robustness evaluation of the force-stroke-characteristic of a solenoid actuator for hydraulic proportional valves
Sven Roos (ETO Magnetic GmbH)

Session 2: Calibration and Optimization from Optic Simulation and Turbo machinery

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Robust Design of a Camera Sensor for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles
Sanjay Gangadhara (Zemax USA)

Material calibration for optical simulation
Stefan Thöne (ANSYS Germany GmbH)

Calibration of the Generalized k-omega Turbulence Model (GEKO) to Experiments with optiSLang
Johannes Einzinger (ANSYS Germany GmbH)

Layout of radial fans in generator cooling
Daniel Langmayr (Andritz Hydro GmbH)

Session 3: Technology Update

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Recent development in Metamodeling, Optimization and Reliability Algorithms
Thomas Most (Dynardo GmbH)

Recent developments and applications of Field Meta Modeling
Sebastian Wolff (ANSYS Austria GmbH)

Recent development in Process Integration and Automation
David Schneider (Dynardo GmbH)

Distributed design point service
Nils Kuhn (CADFEM GmbH)

Session 4: Calibration and Optimization from machine construction to space engines

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Calibration of a material model for high-purity (OFHC) copper using classic and modern methods
Gino Mathlouthi (Technische Hochschule Ulm)

Calibration and Optimization of a SimulationX Model for the mechanical dewatering process of pulp webs
Timo Frick (J. M. Voith SE & Co. KG)

On the Simplification of thermomechanical fatigue testing | in release process
Marcus Lehmann (Ariane Group GmbH)
High speed balancing mark optimization
Martin Kreschel (IHI Charging Systems International GmbH)

Workshops: Application Workshops

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A Simulation Tool Chain for Verification and Validation of L3 and Higher Level Autonomous Vehicles
Ralf Lampert (Dynardo GmbH)

Robust Design Optimization (RDO) for optical designs
Stephanie Kunath (Dynardo GmbH)

Optimization of electric drives
Melanie Michon (Motor Design Limited) | Sebastiano DiFraia (ANSYS Inc.) | Markus Stokmaier (Dynardo GmbH)

Data mining and metamodeling for digital twins
Teresa Alberts (ITficient) | Christof Gebhardt (CADFEM GmbH) | David Schneider(Dynardo GmbH) | Sebastian Wolff (Dynardo GmbH)

Session 5: The Power of Metamodeling

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About how the Power of Variance Analysis conquered Rheinmetall Automotive
Jessica Tamasi (Rheinmetall Automotive AG)

FMU integration in ANSYS-CFD for thermal simulation of electric motors
Philipp Neidhardt (ZF Friedrichshafen AG)

Selling the non-existing – Enhance CPQ with Metamodels
Georg Elsner (Orisa Software GmbH)

A novel antenna optimization approach using optiSLang and HFSS analytical derivatives
Peter Krenz (ANSYS Inc.)

Session 6: Robustness & Reliability Analysis from Transportation to Microelectronics

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Design for reliability approach for ensuring the Solder Joint Reliability of eWLB packages in automotive radar applications using ANSYS optiSLang and ANSYS Mechanical
Martin Niessner (Infineon Technologies AG)

Robustness Evaluation Fussgängerschutz
Christopher Brokmann (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen)

Workflow for statistical optimization of 3D-printed continuous carbon fiber composite lay - ups
Michael Akermann (9TLabs)

Design process integration for air-cooled generators with ANSYS optiSLang as baseline for Digital Twins | in release process
Michael Hackbart | Björn Stiller (Siemens Gas and Power GmbH & Co KG)